Saturday, March 9, 2013


Hello Yello lovies, I've been really busy at work, my duty's been a pain lately..'cuz all I get to do after getting back home is sleep! seriously! you can pretty much guess by exhausted I get by the end of the day :P  Well, around evening after work I manage to take this really boyish picture haha..gee this how I look!? I look hilarious with this not so feminine pose..LOLz.. I was tried and was like 'let me have it all' to the camera..haha.  I thought of sharing what I normally wear at my working hours so this is pretty much it, a black formal pant ( but we do have another uniform as well ) and safety boots! strong as iron! haha.. the leather jacket is not a part of the dress code..I normally wear after I take off from work. Giving that 'rock it' look.. o.0 

ok now coming to the original post, now that spring is here..why not play with more colors..I was like.. Pink!  and green! ^_^ Bringing those soft colors forward would be a great choice for this spring. I'm wearing really baby soft pink top which have golden accessories attached, bought it from Zara.

I bought this heel from Carley, a local brand in Thailand...Its really comfy to walk in those, and most of all I love the colors and the buckle at the side with a slight touch of green to it.

I got this modern tribal shorts last month from a local store in bkk, I just fell in love with the vibrant and the prints are more like Bhutanese. I was like..I gotta get one of those..haha ^ ^ 

I'm wearing self-made bowed-ring (pink) and my initialed ring ^ ^ and watch from quartz.

For this look I'm wearing a little messy two sides lower pony tailed hairstyle, 

Finally the Jimmy Choo neon purse..I love this..pretty expensive but worth having one. Tried flaming around it..I was like wow's fire resistant :P

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.Coco Chanel 


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