Monday, April 1, 2013

a min to hip!

 Hello viewers, how was your first of April? anyone got fooled?? ^_* I got fooled!! yes! see It's my off day from duty today, but I got a call (like early morning) from one of my seniors saying I gotta report at head-office for some reasons..and guess what? I believed it. I went all the way to the office and just realized it was first of April..well what a day to begin with! :P haha... Share some if you have any? would love to hear them :)
Besides... I have been way busy lately and to keep up with my daily post has been procrastinating :\ ..but anyhow it will be just a matter of time :) Well meanwhile I managed to take some pictures today, I wore this very casual hipped up look, I love the head bow most in this whole look.
P.S these pictures are by self timer so its not that good and I had to filter few of them ^_^  please be considerate :P
 oh well just so you guys know I'm working on few of my and others mini its been keeping me all occupied ^_^ hopefully it will be worth the time.

shoe from Nike, inner top/shirt from Zara, blazer and shorts from local brands(bkk)

ripped jean shorts!

Me under my sewing machine..working! :P

Keep smiling..and hope you had a great April fool! hehe

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