Thursday, April 18, 2013

nearly monochromatic

Hey guys, its been raining here lately and I seem to spend most of my time at home after office. I wish for more warmth in the climate, I'm so done with cold now..getting through my bones... its crazy! :\ well besides, I have been just trying out some simple designs with my immature tailoring (haha..) and came up with this really raw and simple royal blue top. I was just trying it out but to my next few seconds! I ended up matching it with my golden bronze colored leather (360 degree) circle skirt and some gold accessories. Gold accessories have never failed to enrich my whole look, and I think for a finished complete look some golden accessories are must haves. I know its not always possible to purchase them -expensive jewelry-but like I would go for DIYs, get some nice designed pieces of golden accessories and some jump rings..and make my own neck-piece or brace-late etc.

Talking about accessories, I have been checking out some Golden Globes 2013, you should check out some top accessories online by celebrities. I heart accessories. here

and yes guys, I have again started water marking my pictures.. I'm not being skeptic about the news that was up, its just that I happen to see my pictures in other pages which I haven't approved of and it came to me as a surprise when my friend called me about it. So I would like to request people if they wanted to use my pictures do link up my page and name 'mastyl3' and lets be professional :) thank you.

Top self designed,
Leather circle skirt from bkk,
shoe from India,
accessories from bkk

I wanted to try pulling of some monochromatic trend, I had a doubt with all blue so I'm like blue and bronzes. It can be all matchy matchy, but  I felt the idea of having a lighter neutral color like bronze was best with royal blue. I'm thinking of trying the monochromatic look for later coming post. I'm not really a daily trend follower but I'm kinda attracted to the monochromatic trend :)

 “Fashion is about two things: the evolution and the opposite.”― Karl Lagerfeld

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