Saturday, April 6, 2013

Envelope clutch from goechoe tego piece

 Hey guys, hows is going ??  Its an 'aww' times for me lately. I have been pretty worked up with duties..won't be able to keep up with my daily post updates but I'll try to keep some of my mini DIYs works posted  :) And not to forget..look forward for a small duo post I have been planning up :) Hopefully it will be a success. ^_*
Well meanwhile I happen to make myself an envelope clutch from a tego goechoe piece (Which I had from a dress I have been working on for some time now)..and for the fact that I never liked throwing off the leftover material pieces. I wanted to make something out of it..and there I go! a simple basic clutch was perfect! :)

sorry guys I don't have the whole process posted here; after having it made, I just realized I should have taken the pictures of how this super easy clutch was achieved! :P But you can drop in the comment box if you want the steps, I shall post up another one with the steps ^_^

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  1. Lemme know if you can teach me the easy way. I have lots of goechoe pieces too, would be a great help. Better if you could mail it to me at


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