Tuesday, May 28, 2013

summer floral

Hey guys again, how do you guys beat the summer heat?
 Well, on my short break from work I went out for site seeing with my bro and sis. We had an amazing time, Bhutan have millions of beauty to show us, seems like most people here take the beauty for granted 'cuz we are mostly fascinated by the sparkles on the other side of the fence. Trust me..one should know one's country well first! ^_^ 

ok a little patriotism there.. :P
So, here I'm wearing a very summery floral pant with my all time favorite cropped up pink top and its backlace :) how cool is that! and orange/yellow shoes (Bhutan flag color indeed ^^  omg. getting all patriotic :P)

it was really hot, I had to stick to the tree shades for this shoots haha,

some celebs shoot ideas ^* 

I do like collecting earrings, but I don't wear them often (my skins kinda little too sensitive for any metallic earrings).

Be yourself and be happy! cheers!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

peaflow maxi dress

Hey guys, hows it going? I have been so so busy. Its such a pain when I have to deal with official and personal stuffs just around the same time. Lots about time management indeed!  Now days I get home by 18hours sometimes 20hours from work,  some crazy timings I got which totally drains out my energy for the entire day. And all I think of is taking a good nap. haha

well, anyhow I got a post update! a maxi dress that I wore for my afternoon walk I took in-between all those busy schedules I have. 
I love the peacock-peaflow-printed maxi dress I bought recently for this summer weather. Its very fresh and I love the colors implemented.

I'm wearing a very green lake colored necklace and a aqua colored brace-late (was a gift from a friend).

thong flats from Charles and Keith.

Its seriously heating up and I love maxi dresses in such weather, they are really comfy to deal with the overflowing heat around.

“So soon as a fashion is Universal, it is out of date.”-Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

short road trip with my Mint on!

Hey lovelies, I have been pretty caught up with stuffs and my duty. I seriously needed a break! a break from everything going around in my life and I realized I deserved to pamper my thrust towards freedom, love, being myself and most of all  indulging with the garments and shoes I adore! ^_^  And yes! I took a road trip alone, which also means I have some pictures from this trip.

well, since I was all alone I used self-timer for this whole shoots. Pretty amazing I manage to get it right :)

I went to the Paro Ta-Dzong side and took the shots. Loved the view there, I could spend my whole time sitting and dreaming :P the site is so right for peace seekers!   (Peace yo!! ) haha

Here I'm wearing my newly purchase Jeffrey Campbell Lita green Mint, I love it!!  manage to grab it on the time of a sale! from villainssf Bkk :P

wearing tribal green and cream pink combo shorts and see through thin pull over and matching it up with my skulled sling bag.

You deserve love and affection yourself too!  I'm seriously dealing with this lately :P

Friday, May 10, 2013

Special Guest post

Hey guys, a special guest post. Mrs. Andrel from Prague, have been an amazing inspiration after I met her. Besides her  job, she keep her fashion trend alive, she love investing on fashion designers and she goes momos on shoes as well.  I have been spending some time with her lately and oh girl! we have so much in common in our likings. We could do the talking like the entire years to come..haha..seriously! she got an amazing collections of her shoes, garments, jewelry, necessaries..you just name any. Getting to know more of fashion world with someone who is so experienced is an honor. So I wanted to do this one guest post from her and here it is!  yesterday night we had an amazing time together, well just check out what she was wearing.  Shes all black and white trend. 

I love this silver-stoned earing she wore from Tateossian Here

matched up ring from Tateossian as well.. Here

shoe from Carlo Pasolini. Here
Skirt (cum belt) and top from Marina Yachting.

My mom bought her our national dress and she couldn't resist but to have it on for the whole time.. amazingly she carried the dress so well. Loved it.

If you obey all the rules u miss the fun! Cheers!

Friday, May 3, 2013

glam night

Fashion trends seems to be more and more diverse every season, I don't always follow the trends but I try not to keep the same routine with my outfits. Well I was getting set to go for dinner and a short night out with my sister and few girl friends, I wore a glitter glam top with an animal printed dress (self-made). I didn't really think if they would go well together, with a doubt I just had it on. Well, I was pretty happy with the whole look and thought of sharing with you all. I had to take the picture inside, it was almost the dinner time and the lightning was pretty bad; with ISO and other necessary settings..this is as good as I could capture.

I think the zebra prints makes its way across platforms to make a stylish and elegant look.  I overlooked the Carlos Miele show, Spring 2013 when it was show-down in 2012, I was going through it again just recently; those wild and unique prints caught my eyes this time. I actually liked the whole wild collection, no doubt they'd spice up the whole look in seconds.

Adding the glitter glam look for my evening-night approach.  But I like the fact that I can match it up for non-evening moments by balancing the look using casual items to complete the look. No doubt that I did try not to end up looking extravagant with this outfit. :P

This is one of the lowest paid shoe I have, not only those with high price tag got the style..I personally feel such non brands affordable ones are well styled ^_^ 

Glitter glam top from bkk,
Shoe from bkk,
zebra printed skirt/dress -self designed

I hope you liked this mix-match, cheers! and thanks for dropping by.

“Fashion and music are the same, because music express its period too.” ― Karl Lagerfeld