Tuesday, May 14, 2013

short road trip with my Mint on!

Hey lovelies, I have been pretty caught up with stuffs and my duty. I seriously needed a break! a break from everything going around in my life and I realized I deserved to pamper my thrust towards freedom, love, being myself and most of all  indulging with the garments and shoes I adore! ^_^  And yes! I took a road trip alone, which also means I have some pictures from this trip.

well, since I was all alone I used self-timer for this whole shoots. Pretty amazing I manage to get it right :)

I went to the Paro Ta-Dzong side and took the shots. Loved the view there, I could spend my whole time sitting and dreaming :P the site is so right for peace seekers!   (Peace yo!! ) haha

Here I'm wearing my newly purchase Jeffrey Campbell Lita green Mint, I love it!!  manage to grab it on the time of a sale! from villainssf Bkk :P

wearing tribal green and cream pink combo shorts and see through thin pull over and matching it up with my skulled sling bag.

You deserve love and affection yourself too!  I'm seriously dealing with this lately :P

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