Sunday, June 9, 2013

Goth dolly

Hey guys, I was suppose to post up the Royal Textile Academy fashion show 2013 today, but unfortunately I left my memory card at Thimphu. So, it seems I have to prolong the post for couple of days.. :\ but anyways I have a post update on what I wore during a evening night out with my sister. I got pretty good compliment on this outfit so I thought of posting it up.

Here I'm wearing a very vintage long brown dull skirt matched up with pop of yellow collared shirt.
Wearing Kitten styled eye liner, bloody red lip color, orange blush and heavy darker brows.

My mood changes with the outfits I wear and this outfit totally made me stay all grumpy and emo haha.. it's true my outfits do effect my mood and through my research I understood 'emo' and 'gothic' are two complete different personal identities, but both show signs of sadness and darkness in their lives, that's pretty pathetic if you go deep about them. However, my reason couldn't possible be any mystical darkness in my life! In serious term I wanted to try their fashion out in a positive way.

well I'm wearing my heavy accessorized neck piece :)

I liked this place and thought its best for this theme/story for my outfit. :)

Jeffrey Champbell vicious heel and DIYed sling shoulder bag. 

Candles to go with the theme,  I totally felt like a vodo girl.

Collared top and long skirt and sling bag from local stores.

Fashion is everywhere, if you can feel your passion towards can see them :)

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