Monday, July 29, 2013

+size baggy roll up Jean

This style is pretty much originated from wearing 'the Boyfriend Jeans' (wink*) , lately I'm going crazy
 over rolled up jeans styles. One super cool about such casual rolled up jeans is that I can pair it up with practically anything be it flats/stilettos or boots or jewelry and best of all my Bhutanese accessories!! Yey! I personally think this style is universal style and its very comfy to be in. one key point *make sure you don't roll up your jean way high and you look like Charlie Champion :P

I love my green pump! Bought it from Catwalk. 

I used Kara (Bhutanese male's belt) to make it into a suspender. 

I initially made this suspender for that designing competition I won last time (If you were keeping up with my blog/page - you certainly would know what I'm talking about ^_^ ), It was for the male outfit. But like always I'm being flexible and started using for myself . Yey!

What I'm wearing:
* Buffalojeans-David Bitton
*pump from Catwalk
*Top -BKK
*Envelope clutch and Suspender - Chyunid (self)

I'm carrying an envelop clutch, I made it from Kira piece and added some studs. Well, I'm working on few more clutches. I love envelop clutches, they are so handy.

Wearing a boyfriend jean isn't for a total polished look, is it?  Hopefully I don't look all frumpy here...haha.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Pencil skirt Love

Just as I took this pictures for the Yeewong magazine in Beauty & trendz section, I was anxiously waiting for the magazine to be out so that I could post up my new designs here :) well after getting pretty lot of compliments on my work, I'm planning to make few more of the same skirt and guess what?  those first few lucky ones will get the chance to buy my work. I'll be posting up on my blog and Facebook Page for further updates on it. If anyone of you're interested to buy my first limited stock, do drop in some comments or inbox me on my facebook page Inbox me here :)  thank you.

I don't apply heavy make up but I like it with a dab of red lipstick, a liner and some light blush. ^^

This pencil skirt is nothing different than the last pencil skirt I made, like the previous one this skirt too have a goechoe piece along it sides and the best thing about this is that its give your figure better shape/structure than the plain ones. ^ ^

Made the top from pink goechoe tego piece, I tailored it myself.

giving more elegant and sophisticated accessories to go with, I chose pearls.

 haha, sleeping inbetween the rocks... :P

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

stapling Blacks and Whites

I was talking with Mrs. Andren before she left for her country that how Black and white combo have taken over the ramp this season, its amazing it never gets old. I've been trying out black and white combo outfits for almost a week, everyday different styled but stapling to black and white colors. Its like a challenge that you keep yourself sticking to just Blacks and Whites... so much fun :)  So this is on my last visit to my old school changangkha school in Thimphu.

While going around the campus, I was overwhelmed with the memories of the old innocent stupid girl me back then,haha.. it was deep! :P well I came across those beautiful paintings across the boundary walls, one of my favorite was a furious dragon emerging through skyline, at that moment I was like.."I have to take pictures here! I should have bought my camera! aww (all disappointed :| ) " haha...but I had my Iphone, yey! finally got my pictures taken. (be kind since these pictures are from the phone, can't expect them to have high resolutions)

wore my JC inspired white lita studded.

Made myself a collar necklace from kira piece and using my coma as buttons :)

wearing my micky printed high cropped top and shorts, and watch from Police.

Recently one of my close friend told me "YOLO-You only live once" he said life is too short to be worrying about whats and whos and stufs like that.. do what you wanna do when you can. It's one inspiring motto you can have when you feel low lost! you get me right? :) takecare guys..cheers!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

along the road

I'm due to post this pictures that I took last month. I'm getting all annoyed using the same excuses about "How Buzy I'm!"  but its better late than never! right?  Sometimes I wonder if I got into employment way too early? haha.but looking through the unemployment rates in our country it's a petty and something to be more concern about. Hopefully there will be something coming up for the freshers with the new government. I don't like politics it's way too dirty! Honest! OK im putting a huge full stop here.! Well, coming back to my post I was going through some different level of photography ideas and I wanted to do a little different as always. I thought of something a travellers idea. Beige and earthy colors.

wearing the long feminine dress, I love the multi-colored micro polkadot prints.
Wearing my Jeffrey Campbell beige lita inspired shoe.

My favorite pose, I love waving my hair and skirts... :P  
 multicolored thin waist belt!

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Black gold mini skirt

Hey guys, I'm finally back with my post update! it feels so good after this long break. I honestly have such a busy life and trying to keep my life balanced with my professional and personal life thats some challenge indeed. ^ ^ haha..anyways..had some crazy day today, well like always I was having my normal usual morning hours at my work and to my excitement my mate brought his bicycle to work, I was all hyped up to ride it on. So just as I did!  well wasn't that long enough I was enjoying my so 'bicycle' ride that I lost my control and fell..haha, It was such embarrassing moment and I looked like a total jackass on the ground laughing at myself. And ended up with a limping leg the whole day! friends and mates thought it was funny! kept making fun of me the whole time! But I actually enjoyed it! :P

well, coming to the post update! I'm wearing gold shade goechoe mini skirt I made for myself. Like always I matched my Bhutanese designs with ready to wear western wears, nothing new but something different just as I like it :) This is the third time I'm on 'Yeewong' Magazine. My blog post has been in 'trendz & beauty' section for two issues excluding the Vintage shoots I did. I'm thankful to Yeewong for choosing my blog from all those amazing fashion bloggers in Bhutan. We all are different in our own styles. :)

 gold shades compliments and glamours up my whole outfit. So I avoided using any other shades in this look.

  I'm wearing Jeffrey Campbell inspired vicious heel.
I used a little detailing right at the edge of my skirt.

Believe in yourself..LOA works for me!! ('secret')

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

gyg fashion show competition

Hey guys, I finally manage to get hold of the pictures taken. I was a great show and a successful one, everyone worked so hard and it was well paid off.
Picture story:
back stage...I had to carry my work in a suitcase! 
the trash-shirt was last minute..but I manage it on time.

the so English 1965's inspired look, I tried on bring the Oldies English styled to our oldies Bhutanese fusion..I used the old kira pattern and the color combo are so granny styled. I love vintage oldies... I personally loved the touch of bows I added in the skirt front and back and the gloves. and Most of all the bamboo hat so Bhutanese. My dress have so much meaning into it..I always give more focus on details and I do with a theme in my mind. This was my simple last one week preparations result! 

A cool gentle man styled, I like to keep neutral colors for men, and I chosed the same color pattern for the side detailing like the Female's and kept similar gloves (without bow for male). The suspenders are from male karas and scarf matched up with the pant. the shirt is like a huge U-open from the front with few studs around the collar. :)

 pink speaks so much for girls, and a little two triangular naked back shows the elegant feminism.

I had to give more detailing in this trashion, I wanted to be creative and innovative, I had so less time to work on the designs but I tried. The umbrella attracted the most of the attention to my surprise. I used an unwanted umbrella and attached cupcake cups around making it into a flowery show. The wing took some time as well... made it with rice sag and bendable hangers (so hard! :P) the wing was one attention seeker indeed  hehe..the skirt was all random multicolored plastic..My model looked more like a pretty tinkerbell to me. 

 for the top I used food wrapper plastics and cupcake cups for different color designs. it gave that multicolored top and with that I added jigzaw puzzle forming a heart shaped corset from the front. Her neck lace and earing was made from can opener and jingle bells and nails with glowing sticks.
 For the guy, I used cans , bottle caps, nails, glowing sticks, cds, tapes, carry use and throw bags, and other small stufs. Had a hard time trying to make the soda can hat... took me like four days to maintain that shape..haha..
 The pant was made from very soft carry bags, its so fragile that I was worried it might tear off..glad i used another piece of cotton cloth to hold the carry bag pants.. 
Crushed cds around the uppers part of the pant and dangling pins below. I didnt get much time for this outfit. 
 me with my models after their walk..funny poses :)
 I'm wearing my design here ^_^
My friend who stood second :) 

 I'm so bad with this Q&A  :P
Below are some pictures of designers with their models.

Nervous me. 

yey! we our surprise I took first and my junior school mate took second. :)