Saturday, July 6, 2013

Black gold mini skirt

Hey guys, I'm finally back with my post update! it feels so good after this long break. I honestly have such a busy life and trying to keep my life balanced with my professional and personal life thats some challenge indeed. ^ ^ haha..anyways..had some crazy day today, well like always I was having my normal usual morning hours at my work and to my excitement my mate brought his bicycle to work, I was all hyped up to ride it on. So just as I did!  well wasn't that long enough I was enjoying my so 'bicycle' ride that I lost my control and fell..haha, It was such embarrassing moment and I looked like a total jackass on the ground laughing at myself. And ended up with a limping leg the whole day! friends and mates thought it was funny! kept making fun of me the whole time! But I actually enjoyed it! :P

well, coming to the post update! I'm wearing gold shade goechoe mini skirt I made for myself. Like always I matched my Bhutanese designs with ready to wear western wears, nothing new but something different just as I like it :) This is the third time I'm on 'Yeewong' Magazine. My blog post has been in 'trendz & beauty' section for two issues excluding the Vintage shoots I did. I'm thankful to Yeewong for choosing my blog from all those amazing fashion bloggers in Bhutan. We all are different in our own styles. :)

 gold shades compliments and glamours up my whole outfit. So I avoided using any other shades in this look.

  I'm wearing Jeffrey Campbell inspired vicious heel.
I used a little detailing right at the edge of my skirt.

Believe in yourself..LOA works for me!! ('secret')

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  1. I love all your outfits. Can you teach me how to make that Gorchoe skirt?


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