Tuesday, July 16, 2013

stapling Blacks and Whites

I was talking with Mrs. Andren before she left for her country that how Black and white combo have taken over the ramp this season, its amazing it never gets old. I've been trying out black and white combo outfits for almost a week, everyday different styled but stapling to black and white colors. Its like a challenge that you keep yourself sticking to just Blacks and Whites... so much fun :)  So this is on my last visit to my old school changangkha school in Thimphu.

While going around the campus, I was overwhelmed with the memories of the old innocent stupid girl me back then,haha.. it was deep! :P well I came across those beautiful paintings across the boundary walls, one of my favorite was a furious dragon emerging through skyline, at that moment I was like.."I have to take pictures here! I should have bought my camera! aww (all disappointed :| ) " haha...but I had my Iphone, yey! finally got my pictures taken. (be kind since these pictures are from the phone, can't expect them to have high resolutions)

wore my JC inspired white lita studded.

Made myself a collar necklace from kira piece and using my coma as buttons :)

wearing my micky printed high cropped top and shorts, and watch from Police.

Recently one of my close friend told me "YOLO-You only live once" he said life is too short to be worrying about whats and whos and stufs like that.. do what you wanna do when you can. It's one inspiring motto you can have when you feel low lost! you get me right? :) takecare guys..cheers!

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