Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Desi girl style

Four years of my life in India have made a huge impact on me, regarding an individuals, differences, cultures, traditions and believes. I personally felt in my four years that they have a relatively strict social hierarchy, in which they have a huge faith. Well, I bought this sari/saree while I was preparing for my interview back then and it was one amazing experience carrying it till the end. And to my surprise I still have it. I wanted to try on Indie Desi girl theme somehow and hopefully I pulled it off well, I don't know how to wear saree, I wanted to be little creative using sari so I wore it in half kira (Bhutanese half kira) styled and did some additional styling with the next half. 
 One best thing I love about Indian attire is their jewelry/accessories, I love how well they can match up the colors ,and the tikas are amazingly designed. 
 Bangles (churi) sometimes I wonder how Indian women manage to carry every jewelry/accessories.
 anklet (paa-yal) :)
 To my Indian followers, hope you guys liked the style, I tired to be little different. I want you guys to know I love your attire and its amazing especially during marriage. ^_^ cheers!

Wearing jewelry inspired by India tradition is an integral part of culture, beauty, fashion and history.. :)


  1. Like the way you styled the sari. You looking pretty!
    New post is up on my blog xx

    1. thank you :)
      will check out urs :)

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