Friday, August 2, 2013

discovering Hippies style

Hey guys, its Hippies time! the Hippies have done the revolutions, haven't they? and for the fact that Hippies represents Love and Peace really inspires me which made me explore more about their styles and how it actually convey their message through their clothing. I was reading through an article about Hippie fashions, and I can't believe how it all started and how it have affected the modern fashion till date! Hippies favored "peace, love, and personal freedom over political and social orthodoxy. As I wanted to embrace on this hippie style, its always important for me to know the story behind, so like always I was studying some hippie fashion..I came to know how hippie fashion was adapted, it was by the youth in 1960s, the focus of the decade and years later was on the vibrancy of the apparel and accessories and not on what others thoughts about a particular appearance. People, in general, sported clothes that they felt expressed themselves and their individualism and not for sake of pleasing the regular line of fashion. It was the age of casual attire, and age when people felt drug addiction was okay to experiment with. The hippies, as they were commonly referred to by the 'prim and proper' and socially answerable citizens, designed a whole new lifestyle of their own.
 I wonder  if Bhutan had any such group of people back then..having their own sense of know?

Hippie-when it comes to hair, its always bang-less, long easy flowing and middle parted! 
I'm wearing all denim jeans here, the pant's bit too old now.. I think its called go-go pant or something :P Seriously if you go deep with hippie fashion you might just look like you're going to Halloween/fancy dress party. ^_*

ok! And like always, I keep the Bhutanese intact! Bhutanese sling bag and self-made headband.

Love the 'B H U T A N' letters on it!


read they preferred barefoot, wow! :P well in my case I'm wearing lovely flats from Carlton London ^_^

Hippies pretty much lived up to  "The Days of Our Youth are the Days of Our Glory!"

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