Thursday, August 8, 2013

soldier on!

Its camo again, I was out with my brother again..and never the less I took chance to take some snap of my outfit. Camouflage are to blend in but it actually works to stand out from the crowd in fashion. I realized how different sense of style it can create apart from being a military print. Now days military prints are everywhere tees to shoes.. :) The transfer from battle to street style indeed. And it totally is set to get bigger for autumn. :) 

 one of my favorite, camo heels!
tried out camo with my glossy silver pants.
some accessories..self made :)
What I'm wearing:
*Camo top from local stores
*glossy silver pant from bkk local stores
*heels from Steve.
*sling bag from local bkk
*Head band from bkk

Soldier on ..lets stand out from recruits! ^ ^

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