Sunday, September 29, 2013

end of sweet summer

Hey guys, been a week or two and I started missing 'THE BLOGGING', seriously! how are you hanging there?? well on my side, my job being the most challenging happening for me I'm totally enjoy it. It keeps me so active and going and going. It never fails me to believe that I'm type of person who keeps working and working...Idleness is never part of me! it never was! :)
so anyways, back for a short break from work and I was like I should do a post before I get back! and here is a small post on 'end of our sweet summer' aww...pretty sad that summer is almost gone now, I'm beginning to feel the chills in the morning hours. Here I'm wearing this very white summery dress with touch of green neon all over. Neons are especially for summers..what do you say guys?

 This white dress can be played off very well with flats and heels. Here I have shown two styled wearing the same white dress with different footwear and trick with a belt.
What I'm wearing:
*white dress : local store bkk
*neon studded flats: missi missi shoes
*neon heels: local store bkk
*red belt :local store bkk
*wrist watch : Ice watch
*neon green bracelate : Bhutanese Traditional designed from Nepal
*neon necklace : Bkk local jewelry store
*heart shaped neon handbag sling: Bkk local store

Believe in yourself, then that's when everyone believes in You! Cheers guys! :)

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  1. So...worried..!. caz u hav wear thick and full clothes now mo...
    just kidding la...!


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