Friday, October 18, 2013

feather fall

A little late for my new post update, I have been working on some of my own creations and yet busy with my professional side. But finally here I am with a post update! feather-a-trend! I'm pretty inspired with feather trend this season, and it looks like its everywhere in fashion world lately. I happen to get a feather touched top past few months ago and its just perfect for this fall. So this time rather than sticking to more accessorizes, I wanted my feather to be the vibrant one.
Feathers are really eye-catchy and its perfect for dressing up for my fall neutrals, and here I have totally tried balancing my colors for fall. I added a spiky rough edgy when it comes to my footwear. And DIY my own necklace, long and dangling through the center mid-line of my neck line makes me look taller. ^_^
 This whole look is pretty elegantly edgy and comfortable ready to wear outfit!
 What I'm wearing*
*feather top-local store bkk,
*printed leggings-local store
*handbag-Coco Channel
*sweater-local store
lets be inspired by the birds and add some feather accents to our wardrobe for some nonchalant ease. Feathers are not just for special occasion now :)

Have a beautiful warm fall ... Cheers! ^_^ happy feather fall ^_^

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