Monday, October 21, 2013

pelpum pencil skirt-Bhutanese/Tribal

Pretty at times life gets busy and at times you get so bored doing nothing! haha, I guess I had the second side today. I had done few designs last month, didn't get time to have them posted; so posting up my first one today; here I'm wearing my very different side of style, I like to keep my style versatile like always. I made this pelpum pencil skirt from a very vibrant silk kira piece. I loved the material pattern and the color, I thought it can turn into a lovely skirt if tried. So I decided to make one-a pelpum pencil skirt- check the pictures :)
 Photo credit goes to my sister ^^
 I kept the length a little longer than the market desired length, something to be more personalized and self choice. :) I added a polka-dot material to the waist line rather than using any other kira pieces, it was a tricky choice for me but than I realized that Bhutanese women have been carrying out those polka dot wonju fashion on the streets, which ultimately made me fix my mind to the same polka-dot wonju material. well finally the whole piece looked pretty fine, I wouldn't say I'm super happy with it but it didn't turn out that bad either I guess? ^_^  What do you guys say? 
 However..I wore it on my sunday out ,I matched it up with a ready made top,earthy yet vintage styled and the colors are very matured and sophisticated. I wanted to keep it very feminist and elegant.
 some accessories, belt and watch from snake leather polished (stinky :P) and wore pearls...
 *What I'm wearing:
*shoe/bag-local store bkk
 Look forward for my other upcoming new designs.. ^_^ 
Don't be afraid to try new things, I have learnt alot through that! Cheers!

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