Sunday, November 10, 2013

cheerful Fall

Punched up my outfit for this fall in (head-to-toe) black with a bright red sling bag, and kept up a fun factor with a cheerful pink coat! Well, cold is here to stay eh? I had to have my bff boots on. Guess what guys... just a couple of weeks ago I realized that my closet have changed it's nature haha.. not that its all wild or other way around..but my colors have pretty much reduced in this colder season, but good thing like always I have my pop of vibrant colors always intact.
I'm wearing my thermal leggings inside so it kept me warm the entire shoot. I loved the leaves falling over the places...the best thing about fall is FALL ^_^
 gave a pop of cheery blush for my makeup this time, I love to have blushes on during cold seasons.
 Red lip sling bag.
 red lip earring.
 doldelight spike boots.
*What I'm wearing:
dress/shoes/coat/bag :local store bkk (unknown brands)

be strong, there's always failure in the way to success...lets fight it through with patience and hard-work! cheers!! Happy Fall ^_^

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