Sunday, December 22, 2013

+cold blue+

Hey guys, cold days and a post on what I'm wearing today. Check the following pictures. 
 love the studs and + all over my shirt ^_^
 wearing ripped jeans with JC inspired Lita

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

106th National day

Happy National day to all my Bhutanese followers ,17th of December marks the National day of Bhutanese nation which coincides with the coronation of His Majesty Ugyen Wangchuck, the First King of Bhutan.  A very very Happy 106th National day! 
I love wearing our national dress, kira is one beauty one must have. I wanted to blog on this day to keep a start of my kira collection. Here I'm wearing one of my  mom's oldest kira, its around 25-30years old (mom's quite blur on exact number of years..); I have always loved the oldies fashions and going through mom's collection is one thing I'm never tired of.  
My kira collection have just begun, I have hopes to see piles of kira in future to come ^^ (excited!)
Wanted to keep my hair in oldies/vintage Bhutanese style, I found out this was pretty much it (asked mom for some advice).
Oh..bytheway I shall be posting up some of my Nepal and Chelela's exciting trip pictures someday soon. ^^ 
Happy 106th National Day!! Cheers!!! yey! yey!

Friday, December 6, 2013


Getting colder every passing day now, waking up early morning by 5am and heading to work is a torture. Nevertheless the cold brings me to layers..some layered up outfit for this cold day. Hope you guys are keeping yourself warm, I love the fact that sweaters are coming up and hooks are something to look forward to this cold season. I'm wearing very beige earthy yet some pop of green for my whole look today. Who says winter is all about wearing dull or boring black gray shades, right? 
Boots are my bff in cold months, I tucked my skinny pants into a pair of knee length boots. A earthy colored sweater with a hat for a playful comfy combo. Completing the whole look by layering up with my tartan coat from Uniqlo.

wearing accessories are not really much for winter look, but I tried keeping it basic with a single long necklace, one key point is it will make you look taller and give your body definition better.
*What I'm wearing:
*Tartan coat: Uniqlo
*Boots: H&M
*High low hooked sweater: Bkk local store
*green pant:Bkk local stor

Happy chills, Christmas is right across the corner.....  ^_^

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It's December already, I'm getting goosebumps all over. Fall has entered its cold edges and I have entered the army of Tartan pattern. Lately tartans are all in for Autumn season. Designers are hitting tartans this fall, Zara came up with very free basic styled tartan tops so did ASOS. So here I'm with my Tartan and the fall. Loving the Fall. Its beautiful. I have nothing glamours about this look, its simply feeling comfy and warm. ^^
 Its so true that fashion comes as it goes, the old is always new in the end. Its always in a circle..isn't it?
 Wearing faux leather leggings.
 well, I still play with those horns..Lolzz..
*What I'm wearing:
*Jacket: India
*Boots: H&M
*Faux leather leggings: Bkk-local store
*Tartan-Bkk from Vintage store.
Today a small share, last month I realized something, that despite life getting hard on you at times but deep down you know whats going to happen (ask yourself-you know it) don't you? its pretty deep. ^_^  well one thing I always do is Be positive! Cheers!