Tuesday, December 17, 2013

106th National day

Happy National day to all my Bhutanese followers ,17th of December marks the National day of Bhutanese nation which coincides with the coronation of His Majesty Ugyen Wangchuck, the First King of Bhutan.  A very very Happy 106th National day! 
I love wearing our national dress, kira is one beauty one must have. I wanted to blog on this day to keep a start of my kira collection. Here I'm wearing one of my  mom's oldest kira, its around 25-30years old (mom's quite blur on exact number of years..); I have always loved the oldies fashions and going through mom's collection is one thing I'm never tired of.  
My kira collection have just begun, I have hopes to see piles of kira in future to come ^^ (excited!)
Wanted to keep my hair in oldies/vintage Bhutanese style, I found out this was pretty much it (asked mom for some advice).
Oh..bytheway I shall be posting up some of my Nepal and Chelela's exciting trip pictures someday soon. ^^ 
Happy 106th National Day!! Cheers!!! yey! yey!

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