Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 feeling all Bhutanese again ^^

 I have never been this busy in my life, I have so many things to do. I have to divide my time in such a way that I should be satisfied with my outputs. Well, I did this design around the end of the year 2013 and have been longing to post it sooner, but like always I turn to this busiest busy bee..haha. Coming to HELLO there my viewers I did wish you on my Facebook page, but I should have blogged something..aww I know! well anyhow 'Happy New year, 2014' and wish you guys love my work even better (..Wink* haha) And for one fact that my page hit 2K, I have everything ready for giveaway just that I haven't yet retired from the buzy bee post..I shall post it soon..soonish...please bear the wait..

The wrist band says - Live! Don't Merely Exist!! --Passporters

OK, to write something on this few details I have on in this outfit, I designed this slide symmetry zipper skirt since the day I felt like I wanted one, and like always I keep the material Bhutanese. I just gave a try, and I personally didn't think it was that that perfect, but fine. what do you guys say? besides that I have accepted to do an ad for a wrist band for the 'Passporters'. I loved their food drive movement and you should check their work ^^ 

What I'm wearing:
*Top: local designer store bkk
*Slight symmetry zipper skirt - self
*boots -Nepal
*wrist band - Passporters
*dragon wrist band -Nepal antique (fav.)

 Live! Don't Merely Exist!! --Passporters