Wednesday, February 26, 2014

midi and knit

I went out for some basic shopping for home, it was pretty cold evening today. I manage to take some pictures before that, some very basic combo I pulled off. This look turned out to be quite tricky to carry out, I personally felt it was an individual style and how it looked all bumped out for me at first. I had to switch two sweaters for the perfect fit! well, I can't say that its a perfect totally matchy matchy one (don't wanna look like a clown), I realized its always best to keep few different shades to keep it easy going. So overall its a perfect match! (glad ^_^ ) SO this was it my evening wear for basic home shopping.
Well, wearing black and white shades of colors never gets old. And even more the stripes have been in fashion for like centuries..NEVER GETS OLD!

 *What I'm wearing:
*knit sweater/midi skirt: local stores bkk
*Bag: Oppo
*Shoe: Hongkong

Risk your style at times, its fun and you can learn a lot from there ^_^ cheers!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tiger ate my pinky

Hey guys, a small post before I announce the giveaway result. Well, today I wore my peachy parallel pant team it up with my tiger top and Jeffery Campbell foxy heels! ^^ The winter is almost over and I'm pretty excited for spring!  
Carrying Charles & Keith's geometric printed sling bag (one of my favorite)
*What I'm wearing:
*Bag: Charles & Keith
*Heels: Jeffery Campbell
*Pant & Top : local stores from Thailand
*Watch: Swatch
*Neckpiece :SouthAfrica (gift)

 The Love you receive is the Love you give..

Friday, February 21, 2014

gold crown

Hey guys, a post on His Majesty's birth-Day!! yey! ^_^  Though its a nation celebrated day and every offices are obviously closed, well guess what? I was working! Working in airline isn't that advantages when it comes to government holidays, we work no matter what the day is ^^ well glad I was able to catch some glimpse of the celebration happening on Changlimithang ground through television. 

So after work, the evening was cold..I wore my sweeter and shinny pant on! haha
 one of my self personified Bhutanese boots (Tsholham) 
 Bao Bao Issey Miyake pleats;
I fell for this unique geometric bag from Bao Bao Issey Miyake brand, finally got one ^^
 *What I'm wearing:
*Crown printed sweeter : Hongkong
*Bag: Issey Miyake -Bao Bao Pleats
*Boot:personified tsholham
*Wrist watch :Quartz

 Happy Birthday His Majesty the Fifth King .... Long Live Our King! Cheerss!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

loving you is RED

Hey lovely viewers, hows it holding there?? Just couple of days till my giveaway for Yo-Yo earthy boots ends,  I've received quite a few entries, and just to notify that its no harm even guys can enter for their girlfriends or siblings ^^ 
 My post for today is all Red! I never used to own any red before but now I seem to like the color, its so rich, its bold and totally makes a statement! isn't it?

*What I'm Wearing:
*Top: IHeartToppings
*Coat:Hschool Inspired
*Boot:Yo-Yo red boots
*Locket: Antique collections from Nepal

"Style is about fun. True style is not having a closet full of expensive and beautiful things- it is instead about knowing when, where, and how to utilize your collection."- Gracia 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

looking towards the end of winter

I have been through a heartfelt conversation with a person today, I would like an honest response from you the viewers, would you give up on something that you've loved doing for years for someone you love? I know it sounds crazy, but like I was reading this one quote where it says 'doing what you love is freedom and happiness' so again does that mean you'll lose that? ^_^ well anyways,  how was your valentine's day? I was attending some function at parent's place, it was fun! (being the judge was even more fun!) ^^

 Thank god I don't have to deal with heavy layered up coats again, its still cold but spring is what I'm looking forward for.. (feeling hopeful..)
 Hello forever21 boot!
 *What I'm wearing:
*shoe: F21
*Divided leather pants: h&m
*Top: inspired LB
*Bag: Veiliduoer bag

Is it right to give up on your dream for someone you love??

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

bombastic daze

A casual wear, although its pretty cold around this month but afternoons gets heated and that's when you just feel like throwing all your thick coats away.  I was doing the same here! well, besides Valentine's day is almost here, just three days away..I'm thinking what to wear although hes not around I'd be posting something to share on my outfit of that special day. ^^

 I was playing with  my Tubby (puppy) and my shoe is a mess here :P
What I'm wearing*
*Top & Bottom (skirt) : local stores bkk
*Shoe :T.U.K inspired
*Locket: CK mini camera
*Glasses: John Lennon inspired

ck (charles & keith) hand camera, using it as a locket ^^

Be KIND  whenever possible, Its always POSSIBLE! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Houndstooth in cold winter (due post '13)

p.s I do not own this picture.
Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian wore houndstooth's designer dress on 2011, and its 2014 yet the houndstooth fever is not over, recently as 2013 was to its end, one of my favorite artist Sandara Park(a.k.a Dara) wore houndstooth designer dress during their (2NE1) new song 'missing you' big comeback on stage. Well still living the fever I wore my houndstooth last december 2013, I was delayed to post this up but as its said 'late than ever!' ^_^ and fyi this look was posted in recent Yeewong magazine winter issue.^^

cold not always mean my clothes need to be boring and unflattering. In-fact I have more wardrobe options during the cooler months. I trade in a powerful print basic black and white outerwear for rich blue (a long tailored coat). so basically I warmed up my summer's nautical look with a blue coat and an ankle boot.

What I'm wearing*
Oversized coat : India;Dargeling
*Purse : Coco Channel
*Wrist watch: Ice watch
*Spiky boots :Doldeilight
*Houndstooth dress: Local store bkk
*Studded belt :Accessorizes

Fashion doesn't mean wearing all fancy cloths, its all about attitude. Be humble in life ^^  Hope you guys are entering my give away...!! Goodluck! Cheers!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

2K GiveAway

Finally I'm able to post up my giveaway, I've been so busy with  my work. Well, on my visit to Nepal last December twenty13, I happen to come across these yo-yo boots from Hongkong, I personally loved the comfort and the style. I purchased two of these. The boot is brand-new, only used here (in photograph) for better view when its on.  I'm sorry if you were looking for a top branded giveaway, I wanted to giveaway a outwear from sandwich brand, but thought a shoe would be better for such amazing love from you all ^^ I reached 2K from your love and support. A huge thank you.
 Color -earthy brown-red (same as picture)
Size 35.5/36 UK
 The boot looks exactly the same as the picture. Do apply for giveaway on my Facebook page, I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible, you just have to follow all the entry list that's been asked in the giveaway tab (I will be using Rafflecopter app) if you miss out any of the entry list to do you will be disqualified, I'll be checking if every list has been fulfilled, so please remember to do all the list for the entry. Please be reminded that this giveaway will be applicable for those within Bhutan, Nepal, India and Bangkok only.
Click HERE to enter.
Do enter for my small giveaway, share and like ^_^