Sunday, February 16, 2014

looking towards the end of winter

I have been through a heartfelt conversation with a person today, I would like an honest response from you the viewers, would you give up on something that you've loved doing for years for someone you love? I know it sounds crazy, but like I was reading this one quote where it says 'doing what you love is freedom and happiness' so again does that mean you'll lose that? ^_^ well anyways,  how was your valentine's day? I was attending some function at parent's place, it was fun! (being the judge was even more fun!) ^^

 Thank god I don't have to deal with heavy layered up coats again, its still cold but spring is what I'm looking forward for.. (feeling hopeful..)
 Hello forever21 boot!
 *What I'm wearing:
*shoe: F21
*Divided leather pants: h&m
*Top: inspired LB
*Bag: Veiliduoer bag

Is it right to give up on your dream for someone you love??


  1. Love that top Chuni!
    You look fabulous xx

  2. Love the combination. And I like your shoe. It's pretty :D

  3. don't give up on what you love doing! the person who loves you truly will never let you give up on what you love doing! :) (hope it helps) p.s- pretty blog of yours!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thought on that... I really appreciate that.. ^_^

  4. Hi, can I ask what leather is the veiliduoer bag made from?



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