Wednesday, February 26, 2014

midi and knit

I went out for some basic shopping for home, it was pretty cold evening today. I manage to take some pictures before that, some very basic combo I pulled off. This look turned out to be quite tricky to carry out, I personally felt it was an individual style and how it looked all bumped out for me at first. I had to switch two sweaters for the perfect fit! well, I can't say that its a perfect totally matchy matchy one (don't wanna look like a clown), I realized its always best to keep few different shades to keep it easy going. So overall its a perfect match! (glad ^_^ ) SO this was it my evening wear for basic home shopping.
Well, wearing black and white shades of colors never gets old. And even more the stripes have been in fashion for like centuries..NEVER GETS OLD!

 *What I'm wearing:
*knit sweater/midi skirt: local stores bkk
*Bag: Oppo
*Shoe: Hongkong

Risk your style at times, its fun and you can learn a lot from there ^_^ cheers!


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