Saturday, March 22, 2014

in my black

Happy Sunday!!!  I have been just getting settled here, since my classes haven't started yet, I just wanted to update one post. Once my classes starts, I shall officially take a break from my blogging. Well, something about black today, black has always been one that saves you when you are so unsure of what to wear, just pick something black and there you go! ^^ 
 Tartans are coming up again, and I've started to include them in my collection now.
 My friends thought this Jeffery Campbell shoe $170 was not worth but I'm pretty happy that I bought this! ^_^
 What I'm wearing:*
*dress/shorts:bkk local store
*Shoe: Jeffery Campbell
Please Don't judge people, you never know what and how they have been through in their lives. Appreciate the similarities and respect the differences. CHEERS!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

sweater with shorts!

Hey guys, I have been traveling around. Final stop to Christchruch, NewZealand for my training. Its one amazing place and people are awfully nice. Hows spring there?  I had few spring shoots done before my whole journey started and I shall be posting them accordingly as when my time prevails. The weather here is pretty chilly at around morning and evening hours. I guess its warming up at home now..(missing home already..)
I'll be posting up few post I couldn't update while I was traveling.. ^^
 What I'm wearing:
It's more like a budget challenge, I didn't quite spend more than required.
*Shorts/bag :bkk local store
*Sweater :Women's wear: Paraphase

Happy Spring!!! ^^

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fashion Radar-My ripped denim!

 Torn up denim is expanding into my closet for this spring-summer 2014 super chic collection of mine. It's one effortless style to pull off. One street style I've totally fallen for.  
 So here I bring my distressed jeans to new heights by pairing it with a set of pointed pumps from Carlton London (have been my favorite for long...)

Its spring and sweater!? I know, but evening around Paro is still chilly here, and even though I'm wearing cozy layer pullover sweater, I'm glad it still keeps my skin-showing jeans effortlessly chic.

 *What I'm wearing:
*Outerwear: Theftsale
*Ripped-torn-deniem:Bkk localstore
*Pump:Carlton London

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self confidence -Robert Frost. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT..MY PAGE HIT 2.5K today. CHEERS!! ^^

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bermuda crush

Happy Women's day!!! I was suppose to post this yesterday but my nets been down. Anyways, It's March already and the climate here-Bhutan- is changing, which means the heat is around. With change in weather I thought i was being extra careful to avoid cold, but it didn't quite go that way..haha..been down with flu for few days now. I know I will be fine after couple of days of medication, so guys relax! :P hahaha..Takecare fellas..
Well down to my outfit yesterday, my lately crush have been in bermudas, so far haven't been quite sure how to pull of this look but today having risk the style challenge I'm wearing this bold bermuda shorts! (I had it for some time now) with my few favorites. I seem to have quite a lot of necessarities to keep around but nevertheless...they complete my whole look and are my babes! ^^ 
*What I'm wearing:
*heel:bkk local brand
*bermuda shorts: oldies collection
*bag:YSL inspired

Happy Women's day!!  cheers!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

simplicity with colors

A very Happy Losar (Bhutanese/Tibetan's New year ) Tashi Delek to all my Bhutanese viewers, and with the start of this Wood Male Horse new year I've my blog update! Wish you all happiness and peace ahead.
 So my outfit of this new year is a mix match all over! Unlike last year's new year I don't have my Bhutanese design, but I'm wearing some touch of tribal (shoe*) :)
*What I'm wearing:
*OverCoat: M&S Women
* Dress : Bkk local store
*Belt (studded): H&M
*Wrist watch: PepeJeans-London
*Bag: Local store bkk
*Shoe:Tribal (handmade) Bkk (Loving it)

Don't take life too seriously!! HAPPY WOOD MALE HORSE YEAR !!! CHEERS!