Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bermuda crush

Happy Women's day!!! I was suppose to post this yesterday but my nets been down. Anyways, It's March already and the climate here-Bhutan- is changing, which means the heat is around. With change in weather I thought i was being extra careful to avoid cold, but it didn't quite go that way..haha..been down with flu for few days now. I know I will be fine after couple of days of medication, so guys relax! :P hahaha..Takecare fellas..
Well down to my outfit yesterday, my lately crush have been in bermudas, so far haven't been quite sure how to pull of this look but today having risk the style challenge I'm wearing this bold bermuda shorts! (I had it for some time now) with my few favorites. I seem to have quite a lot of necessarities to keep around but nevertheless...they complete my whole look and are my babes! ^^ 
*What I'm wearing:
*heel:bkk local brand
*bermuda shorts: oldies collection
*bag:YSL inspired

Happy Women's day!!  cheers!!


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