Sunday, March 2, 2014

simplicity with colors

A very Happy Losar (Bhutanese/Tibetan's New year ) Tashi Delek to all my Bhutanese viewers, and with the start of this Wood Male Horse new year I've my blog update! Wish you all happiness and peace ahead.
 So my outfit of this new year is a mix match all over! Unlike last year's new year I don't have my Bhutanese design, but I'm wearing some touch of tribal (shoe*) :)
*What I'm wearing:
*OverCoat: M&S Women
* Dress : Bkk local store
*Belt (studded): H&M
*Wrist watch: PepeJeans-London
*Bag: Local store bkk
*Shoe:Tribal (handmade) Bkk (Loving it)

Don't take life too seriously!! HAPPY WOOD MALE HORSE YEAR !!! CHEERS!


  1. Hiya Chiunid! Loving ur style, the pop of colours and of course....Bhutan! And me being a girl loving traiditional with quirky things mixed....really loving the tribal influenced stuffs!
    -Kabi Nyori.

    1. thanks... I love tribal, vintage inspired stuff too ^^
      shall keep coming..^^
      thank you for dropping by ^^


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