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Thursday, April 10, 2014

mixing PRINTS

 Hey hows your spring in Bhutan? and those in other side of the globe? Its autumn here in NZ so I'm quite not sure if I should be really glad to shout on but I'm pretty used to the cold now. So I'm all warm! haha...Okay, posting up my another collection I have in my drive. A mix match of prints!! oh yea~ I totally love playing with prints. Who doesn't!? Well this dress is a special gift from my sister from H&M and I'm totally loving it. Thanks sis. I actually regret not bringing this along to NZ for some reasons and thoughts are HAUNTING me! (Kill me! -Just kidding..haha)
I hope to do a post from here NewZealand, it would be a nice change in my picture but I gotta take things into consideration. I hope to do during our Easter holiday this coming week... if possible (hopefully I don't plan up anything :P wink*) besides I gotta study :P I know I know..(not a word!) 
Confession:: I was pretty nervous about how the mix match of two different styles of prints would turn out.
 What I'm wearing:*
*Dress :H&M
*Sweater: Bkkstore
*Heels: CB
*Lip case sling handbag: Bkk store  

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