Thursday, May 29, 2014

20XIV forest and me

 Old photographs bring back memories and memories bring back you... This picture was taken early this year and I don't really know why I stopped from posting them up. And now looking at these pictures I don't really see why I would not post them.. anyways..Now its up! Well, its been three months since I left home and I have already started missing Bhutan, but good thing is I get very occupied here, I have been having some practicals and exams going on; so like always, been a buzy bee.. Missed blogging as always **
 Recently these unisex and chic sweat shirts seem to have stolen my heart..haha.. I like them. I have started adding them into my collection now. But the fact that my style is very versatile and I keep changing my own you will never know what could be next in my list.. (wink*)
What I'm wearing*
(I must admit that sometimes its not the Brand you wear but its the quality and style you chose to wear ^_^)
*Chic-camo sweatshirt: Local store
*High-low black dress: Local store
*Wedge boots/shoe: Local store 

And one of my few favorite wedge shoes, I love the comfort it gives. Especially  in Bhutan we need such shoes rather than the high heels 'cuz it only takes few mins to murder the heel cap in Bhutan streets (True Fact!)
The view is better when it is earned! ^_^

Sunday, May 11, 2014

white lace affair

Hey guys, I have another post update!! The fact that I'm getting buzier and my offical break is yet to start.haha..I know I keep doing this!(feeling guilty)  but anyways I still have some few old pictures to post up (smiles). Hope you guys had something special with your mothers today.. (aww missing my mom... snif* snif* ) theres not a single day I don't think about home and mom. But like its been said gotta lose something to gain something! (wink*)
 I love lace dresses. It gives a wonderful regained sense of femininity, I love how laces are so versatile and its pretty much a huge trend now.
What I'm Wearing:*
*Lacedress: Bkk local stores,
*Boots: Forever21
*Stocking: Bkk Local stores
*Sling bang: Tribal bkk
F21 boots are amazing (In love with it)

I've got a theory that if you give 100 percent all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end. ~Larry Bird

Sunday, May 4, 2014

rainbow color

 Hey guys, another from the magazine like I mentioned before. Well, I've been extremely busy with my classes and exams. An update! one of my spring-summer basic collection. ^_^
Wearing DIYed floral headband (from real flowers)
*What I'm wearing:
Top/Skirt: Bkk local stores
*Heels: Carlton London from India 

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