Monday, June 23, 2014


 I've missed blogging so much, I'm so busy with my studies. All I can do is post some of my old pictures that I somehow didn't post it before. 
Today was one of those days where most of us would rather not have it at all, RESULT day! (oh there! yes I said it!) for my second last subject before mid-term break and you know what? its not always that day where you get to feel so grateful that you made through that one tough paper!..(exhales) phew! Two words for those who are still struggling with your tough subjects, KEEP TRYING!! It all depends on you! Like theres a saying "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”-J   Just keep trying, theres no secrets to success~
 DIYed shorts, well I know its summer in Bhutan and I'm having double winter here in NZ, bla bla.. its freezing!! (ahwhh...) haha.. (I complain a lot! oops sorry)
*What I'm Wearing:
*Shorts: Diyed
*Top:I<3topping p="">

The pictures aren't that great, be kind! ^_^

 A heart that loves is always young

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