Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Jewel/chains/sapphires/pears prints are never too fancy for every day wear. Something not what everyone is wearing! ^_^ Like always I keep changing my style.  Nothing fancy, I'm less with words. But pictures speaks louder than words so enjoy the pictures.

 wings :)
 *What I'm wearing:
*Dress:local store
*winged flats:Bkk store
*Bag:VSL local store
*Acessories: Indian styled

I got asked how did I manage to take all these pictures before I left; well, I guess I was proactive and determined in what I love doing. I somehow realized that I will be preoccupied with my studies here and therefore I manage to plan out my later blog updates. I'm glad I did. ^_^
One valuable life lesson: "The moment you compare yourself [to another woman], it weakens you, and I'm not here for that. Once you know that reality [and] claim your space, your life becomes easier. *I follow S.Gomez (not really really a fan, but shes nice)on instagram, where she posted this morning those powerful lines, which totally made me share this because I have always thought that way! Cheers!! (something to share)

 you, yourself deserves love and affection^_^