Sunday, November 30, 2014

out of the Blue

 Hey guys its been ages since I last made my post, I got couple of mails regarding my long pause; sorry guys its been one busy year for me and I hope to finish up soon and eventually get back to my weekly posts actively. Besides, Christmas is right around the corner and the pre-celebration is in full swing around here in Christchurch (cool!) Have fun and a merry merry Christmas to you all!! 
So today my #ootd is very comfortable and perfect for the weather here in NZ. oh by the way its summer here, and in Bhutan it should be winter by this time of the year. oh well, bear with me ^^
 picture location :recreation city; Christchurch,NZ (amazing thing is the place is full of shipping containers made into stores and restaurants! )
 *What I'm wearing:
*Long-kimino style: from Glasson (love kiminos lately)
*Top & Pant: Bkk
*Chunky boot: Nirvanawheat Jeffrey Campbell inspired
Life is too short; don't take it too seriously! ^_^