Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blacks!! Whites!! and everything effortless!

 Hey guys, like always I'ma less words of a person (^_^)
My lately love affairs are all into black and whites, I have been into really effortless styles and it really suits my taste. I love a look where it looks like I've spent the minimum time for the whole outfit to fit in together. I like the simplicity in this style I wore today.  What do you guys think? ^_^

 This jean have been with me for more than I can remember (laughs**) so its special and the fact that I DIYed the ripped part makes it even more special ^_^

White Top:* Mary celeste
DIYed Ripped jean:* Diesel
Impera Laser cut out black pumps:* Christina Louboutin inspired
Sling Clutch:* Chanel
Leather coat:* Local store
Vouge Benie:*Online store

work hard and be good ^_^