Thursday, May 14, 2015

mad about Stripes

Hey there guys, my post today is all on blacks and whites again. I have been mentioning on few of my previous post that basic blacks and whites have been my favs lately. And today its like 'mad about stripes' ^_^ well, the fact that I'm a shorty haha so my height is a big disadvantage when it comes to choosing my outfits, I have always preferred high heels over flats. I love how tall it makes me feel (who doesn't!!?) and now you guys know why I own all those high heels. You can see this is one of my second highest heel I have in my collection. I own few higher heel than this. It's pretty high but I love it and I know its not everybody's piece of cake. well, trust me its easier than you think ^_^
These photographs are by my sister, most of my post are done by her and she just knows to hit that right button on right time for me. I must say in a way I'm lucky haha... Well, I was in a confused mind to get a good back ground for this outfit...and I saw this blue vehicle parked right at our parking-lot..haha and here I'm! just got the perfect drop-back! (funny isn't it?)

 What I'm wearing:*
Jumper shorts:*The Curve

Dream it, Wish it and Do it!! Cheers!

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