Sunday, May 10, 2015

way back to elephant pants!

On this very special occasion (Mother's day), I wanted to bring back our mum's 70s-80s fashion chic to my blog. I remember how mum's back then would rock those elephant pants like a star.  This chic vintage high waisted denim was given to me by my mom couple of years back and to my surprise I still have it. One thing about fashion is its never gone, they keep circling or rather say what goes around always come around right? ^_^ Fashion has a funny way of being simultaneously important and absurd to society. Each decade brings new trends that seem chic and innovative at the time, yet we almost always look back and cringe at ourselves for thinking we actually looked good.  Now just think about ourselves, think 20years ahead, would we be looking at ourselves and thinking just how amazing we look in our current trend? or would we be laughing at? haha
Just wanted to say Happy mother's day to every mom there. ^_^

What I'm wearing:*
Pant:*Gift from mom
Hipi headband:*DIYED
Happy mother's day to every mom on this planet! Cheers!

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