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Friday, June 26, 2015

Distressed in Red

Hey guys, something about distressed/ripped jeans that I love. Distressed jean can look sloppy with wrong mix haha.. I have pretty much been through that with different trials while playing some dress-up. ^_^  But with the right touch its easy to flaunt it any way I like it.
So heres some pictures right before I left for some casual bites around the mini town and its just comfy and causal and cool and chic (The Big basic Four Cs ).
Strappy pumps goes better with distressed jeans but then again, how torn is your jean?  you know ^_*
Like I always mention, I'ma big hat girl. Gosh I can't get enough of these big hats. How about yous?
Chain belt:*Diyed from mini bag chains
Hey you! thank you so much for checking my blog keep checking out mastyle ^_^ Cheers!!


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