Friday, June 19, 2015

my summer fever

Hey guys, I missed out my weekly updates for a week or two (sigh~)  So, without any more excuses I finally have my next post! yey! I get excited over little things haha.. Today I'm wearing this blue cropped collar Tee I just love how effortless it looks and my new favorite neon pumps. (the day I got it I was like GOTTCHA!! grind!). These days its been raining ALOT! and it really makes me go all lazy and I haven't been that well myself either. Besides the weather and job, I realize our health is so unpredictable it just gets you in your worst time and that's when you know like seriously really think! (you feel me?) Anyways, thank you one and all for checking out..hope its something to be inspired of from my summer fever ^_^

Neon pumps:*online store
Geometric clutch bag:*Charles & Keith

In Love there is no numbers, its not a race, first or is just LOVE

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