Friday, June 5, 2015


Hey there one and all, I haven't been keeping up well with my health for couple of weeks which sure makes me lazy most of the time. I ain't going to fuss about it too much though..haha.. Anyway this post was suppose to be up last week but I couldn't catch a time to have it up sooner.  So here it is, my latest crush on skinny pencil midi skirt and midi crop top. This sun flower top have been hanging in my closet for quite some time now and I realised I last wore it on last christmas which is way way long time ago ^o^  I like how fresh and fun this sun flower makes my whole look. I personally like to have minimal accessories/jewellery with bold and colorful prints.
Building geometric neckpiece added to my collection. Its just simple and chic. 

What I'm Wearing:*
Top:*local store bkk
Boot:*Nirvana JC inspired 
Neckpiece:*Accessories bkk
 like its been said better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.. I would like to remind you all that life is all about learning in every seconds of our lives, lets be positive ^_^ Cheers!

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