Saturday, August 8, 2015

peekaboo! its sheer time!

Hey guys, I'm back! haha.. with no further excuse on why I haven't been blogging for past few weeks, I'd rather just go on about what I'm wearing today. I love sheer dresses, I find translucent fabrics just so versatile and its like I can try any style to fit in any categories. ^_^ Sheer dresses have been in trend for past few years now and yet its still worn by celebrity on red-carpets and around. It was back then on fashion panels like 'Evolution of the "naked-dress" ', haha. Well, mine is just basic, and I love all those hanging and long thing from my outfits..I guess its just Meh thing! :P  I have been eyeing on few sheer and semi sheer dresses from ASOS and Forever21, hopefully I'll be posting them sooner.  Besides, Oh..notice my hair? I changed it..pretty pink..ombre is still alive for me.

 What I'm Wearing:*
Long Cardigan:*Glasson
Sheer Dress:*Local store

I guess in the end its you and your heart and mind and soul! Be good! cheers!

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