Saturday, October 3, 2015

mama's pant day!

Hey guys, today's post is pretty huge for me, I have been impatiently waiting to post this outfit esp them heels; I have been waiting for this Pierre Hardy shoe to ship soon, it took longer than I've anticipated. Finally its here and I just couldn't be more happier, this Pierre Hardy inspired heel actually looked and feel better than I though it would. And a plus plus for the quality it possess. Besides notice the pant? well, I somehow feel like its a MOM's pant outfit of the day! haha, I guess the whole little folds at the end of my pants actually helps me pull off any kinda pants and I personally love it that way.  The above pictures gives two look, one with a sleeveless jean coat and other just with collar top, well I had that jean coat for quite some time now, I thought I should give it a chance lol and I guess today was the day for it to shine..(smile)

This ootd is easy and very chic to try. Hope my viewers enjoyed my today's lookbook pick. CHEERS! ^_^
 What I'm wearing:*
Top:*Localstore bkk
Jacket/Jean coat:*Bkk
Heel*:Pierre Hardy inspired.
 I just love the eye on this. 

Try, else you'll never know what you might have earned! Cheers!

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