Sunday, November 15, 2015

white skinny jean

Kuzus to drukpas and hello to the rest of the viewers.. I haven’t been blogging much lately and I’m well aware that its turning to a constant issue with me (sigh*)..
Well after finishing school and then college and then jobs (list goes on and on..)  responsibilities really starts to weight on..our lives pretty much bends towards so many obligations around. I never thought I would be facing one..but here i’m..literally feeling the pressure (personals and professionals…) it sure isn’t easy But you know what guys? I realized life can be very simple if you look at it the right way and be positive, follow your heart; I have been doing that ever since I can remember myself in any situation to be called thick. No matter what always believe in yourself and don’t ever let anyone put you down with any sort of obligations or any sort of down throwing me it do no good to you nor anybody.. If you take things right way nothing else really really matters right? ..eventually everything falls back to what its suppose to be.. And there you are good as perfect! (well, that’s what I believe so.. do you?) ^_* Yay! be happy ^_^ enjoy every little moments.
So directing towards the real deal i.e my outfit of the day; today I’m wearing more on whites… I have been searching for a perfect white skinny jean for pretty long time and luckily saw this white jean from Zara at one of the local garment store (unexpected), this babes just won my heart; to my surprise this is my first ever white skinny jean and I have literally fallen for it. I never thought I’d be a huge fan of a white skinny you know.. the best part about white jean is I can totally wear it in all year round..its pretty much season-less for me. I know for most its more summerish or springish (I don’t even know if these words exist lol) but that doesn’t really concerns me.  I have tried pairing it with sweaters, chunky boots, loafers, oversized sweaters, slip-ons, layers, blazers, Tshirts.. these combos works fab for me. ^_^
One advice if you ever plan on getting a white skinny always ALWAYS chose for a little thick and semi-ridgit (stretchy) and bang on size for yourself.
Lets go white this winter? yea? (wink*)
What I'm wearing:*
Overcoat/Jacket:*Onlinestore Alibaba-aliexpress
Fringe Sweater:* Bkk local store
 White skinny Jean:*Zara
Hat/Benie:*Localstore Bkk

What defines you is you're actions. Be good and stay stylish (wink*).