Tuesday, March 1, 2016

peak of laces

 Hey guys, like I promised here it is!  Finally my first look of 2016!  Well some pop of colors but I just like the 'not so obvious style'.  I seriously don't stick to single style so in a way my outfit of the day gets challenging every time I go out.  I'm sure most Bhutanese will probably never wear this kinda outfit because I know why and you know that too (Wink*) lolz
Well, the definition of fashion and style can be defined in various perspective and knowledge. So I'm in no position to chose what anyone wears (which goes vice-versa) (haha...), but like always I love sharing my outfit ideas and thank you the viewers for supporting my blog. 
So 2016 here I start!!
 Today I'm wearing this lace-sweater matching up with my clouded distressed jean. With that showing off my white socks in them two strap Christina's pink peachy heels. (Found my new love i.e the socks and heels combo). I bought the Jane Lily bag on my new year trip to Thailand, they had amazing collections which made me buy more than what I needed to, well of course I'll be blogging on them too and certainly you guys will know why I just couldn't resist buying more of their products.

 What I'm wearing:*
Lacesweater:* Thailand
Bag:*Jane Lily
Heels:* Christian Loiboutin
 ~added a touch of fur~

Hey did you guys know Zara is actually supposed to be pronounced as "dzah-dha"

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  1. I lile this girl! looks like Moscow fashionable girl!


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