Friday, April 29, 2016

cold-off shoulder

Kuzuuu guys, its been almost a week since I last updated, as I mentioned and gave a sneak-peak on my facebook page of this look, its finally here! my another DIY from bura kira that I finished. I enjoyed making this off shoulder top. I think off shoulder works well with any kinda body type and anyone can pull it off so well. ^_^
let me know what you guys think about this diy.
I have been working on more of DIYs, I will be keeping them coming up on my blog slowly and hopefully you viewers will enjoy them. If you guys need any tips on 'How' I will definitely do a tutorial if requested. Besides lately my sewing machine has been giving me a dead look, haha I need to get a new machine soon and till then I have to deal with the dead one. So anyways, like always be happy and keep supporting me. Thanks.
 Just a note here; I'm in no intention of infringing our traditional and cultural here. I'm just trying to be creative like every designers and sharing my part of interest. As much as I love our traditional Kira, I love being little creative and interesting, thats all. Thank you.
 What I'm wearing:
Top:* DIYed
Pant:* Marco
Heel:* Zara
wear and be what you want to be. Cheers!!

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