Saturday, May 28, 2016

less is more so is black

Hi guys, before I post my new DIYs I decided to post one off-duty outfit. Today I'm wearing just all black! this look is a challenge for me 'cuz my height doesn't really flatter me with flats and straight cut dress, I remember feeling stumpy and short haha..Besides I tried one more challenge, yes! my hair! I temporarily micro curled it. I wasn't sure how it will look on me but I played safe by keeping it tied high up. To my surprise this hair actually received more compliments than I expected and now I'm totally carrying it with confidence (good feedbacks do help! wink*). Here I paired my off-shoulder dress with a gladiator that I bought during a huge sale on Aliexpress for just $10; for the price I think it's worth it but not the best thing I can say. Well for this look I went for minimal accessories with just two gold bracelets so that more light will be on whole outfit ensemble.  I hope you guys enjoyed my outfit ensemble. Have a great weekend. Cheers! xoxo
What I'm wearing:
I have learnt a lesson that our lives is all based on how we react to what happens to us. So guys always think before you act on anything in life. Cheers! xoxo

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

high waisted jean and cropped top

Hello  Kuzu guys, I have been so caught up working days and nights straight due more incoming flights at base I don't get much free time now days but I shall keep this blog going whenever I get off days. So today luckily I got free half day, thought I should blog my off-duty outfit of the day! Hope you guys enjoy this ensemble. I'm wearing this crop top from bebe, I bought two more colors of it I think it really rise up my height haha, besides the high-waisted jean is something I'm really into lately and I just can't get enough of it. The shoe I bought it from Carlton-London way back in college days and I realized I haven't wore it for all these times, so today I gave it a try. Enjoy and Thanks! xoxo
Stay stylish! Cheers!
 What I'm wearing:
Crop Top:*Bebe
High rise Jean:*Bkk store
Shoe:*Carlton London

If someone says you don't deserve anything good that's b'cuz he basically jealous of you! Cheers!

Monday, May 16, 2016

White Monochrome

 Kuzu-zangpola! Today I'm wearing all whites with some pop of colors here and there. I wore this look on a day out with my girls, totally loved this look that I decided to make a post on this outfit. I made the neck-choker from lace like I'd done with my black lace choker in few of my previous posts. Besides rest are all good buys I made (wink*). Well, sometimes it's best to go all whites or all blacks or all neutrals. I personally find monochrome style very feminist and very mature. I find myself more and more into mature styles lately and I'm loving it. Gosh I can't believe I've crossed my silver-jubilee already, and age really do define how I dress up now and then. I seriously never thought that before but now I'm more concern about not looking like a toddler...haha. So, enjoy today's outfit of the day! Cheers!!

What' I'm wearing:*
Pant:* Zara
Coat:* H&M
Heels:* Manolo-Blahnik
Neck choker:* DIYed.

Everybody can love your looks, but it's your heart and personality that makes someone stay with you. Be good. Cheers!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

DIY Lace with Bhutanese

 Hey guys, Kuzu! Like I mentioned I'll be posting my rest DIYs. So a promise is a promise right? haha.. well, I finished with this new top from a kira which I no longer wear and I thought it would be a best combo with some laces around the ends. I know it's one very basic style, well who doesn't wanna master simplicity? This top didn't take much time and it was something I didn't plan on. Well, I happen to see some unwanted kiras lying around the corner for give-away (which my parents usually stack up), I took one kira piece out and thought why not make something...I have always been a reuse kinda person (I sound cheap I know..haha)..But why not right!? and finally this top was born.  Its definitely a challenge when the fabric isn't elastic at all, like I mentioned Bura is way easier to work with as it's even more flexible. I'm working more and more on my basic designs now days, so I will be posting them in between few of my off-duties outfits. Meanwhile have fun and enjoy my simple creation. Kadinche la (Thank you).
  Growing older every year, my taste in clothes as in fashion have changed so much that I have pretty much changed my collections in my closet and soon I'll be having my new collections ready..Yey!
 What I'm Wearing:*
Heels:*Charles and Keith
If you live in a society where people talk more, it's always best to focus on yourself and forget the rest b'cuz in the end you will matter the most to yourself than anything else. Cheers!

Friday, May 6, 2016

lace up or boot up

 Hi guys!!  finally a day off from work today. I have been working like fourteen hours yesterday, gosh I totally deserve this break...haha. Well, I was suppose to post up my next Bura kira DIY but I'm still working on it. So meanwhile I will be posting my off-duty OOTDs. Lately I have been following many style icons like Gigi, K.Jenner, V.Beckham,Selena etc etc. I noticed neck choker and lace up tops have been a huge trend setter. So here I'm loving my own DIYed laced up top and DIYed neck choker. As much as I love buying new trend pieces I totally enjoy making my own piece. I made the choker with some designed lace that I bought from Bkk on my last trip and used a easy micro button at the back, and little knitting and sewing at the ends.  And for the lace-up top, I realised this top has been in my suitcase for a quite long time, I totally had to get it brushed to something different so I used some jump-rings around its V-collar and added a simple lace to make it a pretty sexy top. What do you guys think ? Hope you guys enjoy this outfit. Keep following for more DIYs and my off-duty outfits. Thanks.
 What I'm wearing:
Top:DIYed laceup
Jean:* Jeans
Neck-Choker:* DIYed
You only live once, make it last beautiful.. cheers!