Tuesday, May 10, 2016

DIY Lace with Bhutanese

 Hey guys, Kuzu! Like I mentioned I'll be posting my rest DIYs. So a promise is a promise right? haha.. well, I finished with this new top from a kira which I no longer wear and I thought it would be a best combo with some laces around the ends. I know it's one very basic style, well who doesn't wanna master simplicity? This top didn't take much time and it was something I didn't plan on. Well, I happen to see some unwanted kiras lying around the corner for give-away (which my parents usually stack up), I took one kira piece out and thought why not make something...I have always been a reuse kinda person (I sound cheap I know..haha)..But why not right!? and finally this top was born.  Its definitely a challenge when the fabric isn't elastic at all, like I mentioned Bura is way easier to work with as it's even more flexible. I'm working more and more on my basic designs now days, so I will be posting them in between few of my off-duties outfits. Meanwhile have fun and enjoy my simple creation. Kadinche la (Thank you).
  Growing older every year, my taste in clothes as in fashion have changed so much that I have pretty much changed my collections in my closet and soon I'll be having my new collections ready..Yey!
 What I'm Wearing:*
Heels:*Charles and Keith
If you live in a society where people talk more, it's always best to focus on yourself and forget the rest b'cuz in the end you will matter the most to yourself than anything else. Cheers!

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