Wednesday, June 29, 2016

DIY Cold Off-shoulder

 Hi guys, its been a long break after my last post. I had my professional side duties to finish up (wink*) so pardon me for this long break. I promised to be consistent with blogging and thank you all for still supporting my blog, it means alot to me. Well, today I'm wearing the cold off-shoulder top that I made, it took me just twenty minutes to finish it. This time I didn't use any Bhutanese textile materials 'cuz I felt woven materials are difficult to wear in summer heat so I went with something light for this top. I'm loving cold off-shoulders and I've been DIYing many more lately. I paired the top with culottes pants, it's got volume so it's very comfortable compared to skinny jeans (you know what I'm mean haha) besides that I couldn't bring myself to chop off my hair, I have always had long locks and my relation to long hair is deep( wink* but we should break this up very soon... hahaha...). Finally the bag! I'm in love with this mini sling bag from Zara, it's been one of my summer favorites and I have been carrying it since I laid my hands on it. That's all forks! Hope you guys like my outfit ensemble! Cheers!

 What I'm Wearing:*
Cold Off-shoulder:Self DIY
Culottes:* Local store
Bag:* Zara
Heels:* Forever21
Not everybody has the same heart as you, so remember not to expect anything in return. cheers!

Friday, June 17, 2016

give your summer some colors

Hi guys, hope your friday ends well.. so you start your weekend with full of fun and styles! Summer is getting hotter in Bhutan and I'm constantly looking to wear something very light on my skin. Today I'm wearing a very fun outfit; I notice denim and colourful florals work well together so I paired my slit skirt (it's actually a one piece dress) with a denim jacket. The kera (Traditional belt) was not a part of this whole outfit initially, what actually happened was I left my belt in my car (forgetful me!) haha... so the only idea I could come up was to use kera (borrowed from my mom ) haha. But I like how it pretty much blends to the color of my dress. And notice my hair? I tried Ariana Grande's style! (not a perfect one though), but it was pretty nice to try on something different. Come to talking about hair, I'll be getting a new haircut soon and it will be shorter than my usual length. Well, have fun and hope you guys liked my fun outfit of the day!!! ^_^
 I have been on a run with this Zara mirror reflective heel for a while now, since its a mid-heeled its way comfortable than rest I own. Just love it! :P
What I'm wearing:
Skirt:*Bkk store
Basic Tee:* Uniqlo
Jacket:*Bkk store
Lets focus on the good sides.. Cheers!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

culottes jumpsuit

Hi guys, today I'm wearing monochrome. I have always loved royal blue color and this culotte jumpsuit just won my heart. I find culotte very comfy and it just looks amazing no matter the height..Trust me! Anyone can pull this off well. I love how it's very basic and simple yet it incorporates something chic and looks trendy. I've switched to culottes jumpsuits from shorts this summer and I personally find it as the best ready to wear outfit while in heat. So here I've paired it up with my zara strap on mid-heel cum a jean jacket and some gold reflective accessories around the waist and wrist. Hope you guys liked my outfit of the day pick. Have a great time.. stay chic.

What I'm wearing:
Wide leg Jumpsuit:*Thailand store
Jean Jacket:*Local store in BKK
It's a new day and a new fresh life everyday.. live it wisely and be happy always. Cheers!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DIY slit fringe skirt

 Kuzu guys, I DIYed this slit fringe skirt from my grand-ma's very old kira piece. This is special to me 'cuz the kira was worn by my grandma and she passed it to my mom, But the sad part is it was pretty much ruined ( I don't know how..) so mom gave it to me. Well, like always I wanted to reuse it and decided to make this skirt. I've used velcro for securing the ends and the coma for accessorising the whole look. Making this was pretty basic and simple one. I paired it with a black high cropped top with my Isabel Marant Gava shoe. Hope you guys like this whole outfit ensemble. Cheers!
What I'm wearing:
Heels:*Isabel Marant Gava 
Made this gif pic ^_^

I believe there are always thousand reasons to smile! keep smiling and be happy! Cheers!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

DIY H-Line Dress

 Hello there everyone~ my another DIY from Bura kira I was working on..yes! the reuse me is back again with a new DIY..haha... This time it's a H-Line basic dress with lace-up at front. I paired it up with my chunky heeled camel boots from forever21 and a lace shrug. The sleeves turned out little longer than I wanted but I made it little flared at the ends to give more of a batwing styled, so I'm happy how it turned out. What do you guys think? Hope you guys enjoy this very simple combo I made  ^_^ I think it gives more of a boho feel and I would wear this to a picnic. (smiles) Have a great summer time! (sweats*it's seriously getting hot!)
 What I'm wearing:*
Dress:* DIYed
Boots:* Forever21
Shrug:Bkk store

Be humble and be happy! Cheers!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

long shirt dress and jean

Hi guys, I know I kept you guys waiting for my other Bhutanese's just that I didn't have enough time to take pictures for those outfits yet; so I decided to do this post. This have been in draft -pending- for more than two weeks now. Today I finally managed to sneak some time out to post this..feels good! (wink*). This outfit is very different from the rest I tried and I realized I never tried on a shirt dress before. I matched it up with blue jean and strap on heel from F21. The shirt dress prints are pretty loud and I think it catches all the attention in this whole ensemble. And honestly I'm pretty confused when it comes to shirt dresses because it's always either you wear it like a jumpsuit skirt or try out with some skinny inside..well at least that's what I thought so, but I gave it a different try. So let me know what you guys think.! ^_^
I bought this F21 jean for a very reasonable price last march from Bkk F21 store, they were having a huge sale going on and guess I got lucky! haha.. and besides that there were few good finds that thrilled me to shop. Anyways enjoy this outfit ensemble ^_^
What I'm wearing:

Always remember make the most of what you have.. Be happy! Cheers!!