Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DIY slit fringe skirt

 Kuzu guys, I DIYed this slit fringe skirt from my grand-ma's very old kira piece. This is special to me 'cuz the kira was worn by my grandma and she passed it to my mom, But the sad part is it was pretty much ruined ( I don't know how..) so mom gave it to me. Well, like always I wanted to reuse it and decided to make this skirt. I've used velcro for securing the ends and the coma for accessorising the whole look. Making this was pretty basic and simple one. I paired it with a black high cropped top with my Isabel Marant Gava shoe. Hope you guys like this whole outfit ensemble. Cheers!
What I'm wearing:
Heels:*Isabel Marant Gava 
Made this gif pic ^_^

I believe there are always thousand reasons to smile! keep smiling and be happy! Cheers!


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