Friday, June 17, 2016

give your summer some colors

Hi guys, hope your friday ends well.. so you start your weekend with full of fun and styles! Summer is getting hotter in Bhutan and I'm constantly looking to wear something very light on my skin. Today I'm wearing a very fun outfit; I notice denim and colourful florals work well together so I paired my slit skirt (it's actually a one piece dress) with a denim jacket. The kera (Traditional belt) was not a part of this whole outfit initially, what actually happened was I left my belt in my car (forgetful me!) haha... so the only idea I could come up was to use kera (borrowed from my mom ) haha. But I like how it pretty much blends to the color of my dress. And notice my hair? I tried Ariana Grande's style! (not a perfect one though), but it was pretty nice to try on something different. Come to talking about hair, I'll be getting a new haircut soon and it will be shorter than my usual length. Well, have fun and hope you guys liked my fun outfit of the day!!! ^_^
 I have been on a run with this Zara mirror reflective heel for a while now, since its a mid-heeled its way comfortable than rest I own. Just love it! :P
What I'm wearing:
Skirt:*Bkk store
Basic Tee:* Uniqlo
Jacket:*Bkk store
Lets focus on the good sides.. Cheers!!

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