Wednesday, July 20, 2016

affair with off shoulder and culottes

Hey guys, today my outfit is very comfy and different compared to my usual taste. I love culottes pants and off shoulder tops, they have been my favorites lately and I seem to wear more of such styles now days. I don't know how far I'm pulling off this look but I'm loving it...haha. I personally find culottes very comfortable (I literally feel like I'm wearing my PJs yet feeling all stylish!) and its best during summer cuz it doesn't stick to my skin nor it's tight, in-fact it's airy and feels fresh! Loving the feel...haha. Besides, the off shoulder top has been my everyday pick for any outings for this summer, off shoulders are easy to wear and it has got that sexy yet sophisticated style. I think off shoulders are still having their moment in the fashion industries so far especially this summer. So I will be like 'when in doubt wear off shoulders!!' (wink*)
Hope you guys enjoy my outfit ensemble.
What I'm Wearing:
Top:* Bkk local store
Pant:* Mom's gift 
Belt:local store Bkk
Heels:* Charlesandkeith
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