Saturday, July 16, 2016

metallic gold skirt

Kuzu guys, how was your saturday? I bet most of you will be going out tonight? ahh well, I'ma homie person, I rather enjoy sitting on my couch and watch some good movies than go out.  My saturday nights are cooking a good meal and have some friends over.  I don't party much infact I have only been twice this year (that too had some conditions) and I don't plan to in future. I felt like I never fit in parties and crowds...haha.. Anyways,, coming to my today's outfit of the day. Its gold metallic skirt, I have always wanted one and finally I got two tones of them. I decided to match it up with my black button up top and high ankle boots from HnM. I bought them boots on sale couple of weeks ago in Bkk and I just loved the wooden part, I thought it was nicely done (what do you think?) besides that the top is something I have owned for few months now and never really tried on. I love the ruffles at the middle and the bell sleeves are just to die for (bell sleeves have been a trend lately and I can't wait to try more of them.). Enjoy the little show from my pics (a Marilyn Monroe inspired part is fun!) Cheers!!! 
What I'm wearing:
Top:*BL bkk store
Happy rainy day! cheers!


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  2. Vibrant colors, it matches, but how about a red/orange stone necklace with the black shirt.. Just a option.


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