Sunday, August 28, 2016

DIY Bow Skirt

Kuzu guys, today it's a long awaited post. I DIYed a simple bow skirt from my unwanted kira and I guess it turned out pretty unique (feels...of small achievement!). I made a bow at the front to give it a little different look to the  whole basic mini skirt thing. So, yea, here I paired my bow skirt with my all time favorite off shoulder HnM top and denim buster. Hope you guys like this mini project I did and keep looking forward for more DIYs I will be posting more along with my other outfit posts. Besides, my short youtube video will be coming this september and I'm super excited yet I feel so naive about the whole Vblogging (Hope you viewers will support me there as well..) And one more thing! I wanted to sell this shoe I'm wearing, I bought it from Aliexpress and I just wore it one time for this shoot (it's new!) So if anyone is interested to buy and wana know the price details do mail me at my facebook  .Thank you for dropping by and cheers!! XOXO

What I'm wearing :
Off shoulder top:* HnM
Buster: *BKK store
Bow Skirt:* DIY
Shoe:* Aliexpress
Universal mind is only accountable to the highest truth!

Friday, August 26, 2016

change in style

Kuzu (Hi) guys, I have a new post today! Before I start talking about today's outfit, just wanna break this new to you that I'll be starting my youtube videos soon, it's all gonna be on fashion/style,beauty, travel. lifestyle and my mini DIY projects (I have been planning on doing it for a very long time but never had enough time and resources to begin it has always been a dream..) Hope everyone will be kind enough for a starter like me haha..  Anyhow, today I'm wearing few of my old collections which I can't seem to get rid of 'cuz I've been embracing these new styles. I have alway changed my styles and this outfit pretty much proves it all. Hope you guys show some love for this new style I did. Have a great start of weekend and party hard! xoxo
What I'm wearing:
Top:*Bkk store
Sling back heels are coming back now, it's time to embrace this style.
It's okay to be NORMAL

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bri it white and blue

Hi guys!! It's wednesday and I have a new post like I promised! Hope you guys like my new outfit combo I did for today. Taking advantage of my early day off today, I'm spending my time playing dress up in my closet (laughs). Well yea! here I'm wearing my bat winged top with my all time favorite ripped jean (surprisingly this jean has been my favorite for a very long time...). With them I'm wearing my flat slip-on (mule kinda), I have noticed mules are making a big hit this summer, I tried purchasing from my favorite brand Charlesandkeith but sadly all of them were out of stock, I have tried Singapore, Thailand and India! (This is one cons for living in place where there ain't any authentic brand malls. but I love my country the way it is.) So after facing with 'out of stock' tags on those mules,  it's no doubt that it's on huge demand in current fashion. If you guys know where I can get my hands on them..please do drop them on comment sections (I would be thrilled to shop more haha...) Besides, here I'm carrying a street-find! yep! D&G bag it's just inspired replica one but I love how standard it looks. And adding to the whole ensemble I'm wearing Zara choker, ever since that Bri Bri belt came to streets, I wanted it so badly haha, and now Zara made that belt to a choker! and I had to buy it! phew! at least this wasn't out of stock (lucky).
Hope you guys enjoyed this ensemble. Thanks for dropping by like always.
Have a great time ahead. xoxo cheers!
 What I'm wearing:
Belt:*Bri Bri
Jean:*Bkk local store
Bag:*Street Find
Just a thought to share: someone told me we women are inferior and that got me really thinking why did he say that? I just wanna lay my thoughts that we women are not inferior and we refuse to be put in that way. Women-Empower!! Cheers!!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

summer slip-on dress

Good morning guys!! I just felt like blogging today. I admit that guilt for not blogging for weeks kinda kept pushing me haha.. Well, I have been in love with the slip-on dress ideas lately and I seem to buy more on such styles now days. Hope you guys enjoy this outfit. Keep looking forward for more updates. I plan on continuing my DIYs (that's been missing for a long time as well.. so guilty! sigh). Happy sunday!! xoxo 
What I'm wearing:
Dress:*  Bebe
White top:*  Bkk local store
Heel:*  CD
Belt:* Bri Bri Inspired
Stand strong for yourself.. cheers!

Friday, August 19, 2016

inside out in black and white

Kuzu guys, I know I disappeared from blogging world for way too long! I just needed some time to settle down and get things done around my professional life and personal stuff happening. I just wanna get focused into doing the things I love and not get distracted with things happening in life. And one thing that's keeping me busy is my closet! Yup! I'm getting a new walk-in-closet soon and I have been brainstorming like a mad woman for a perfect one. I drew like crazy designs over and over again..and trust me the interior designer is pretty much getting tired of my never ending ideas..lolz (I shall do a short room and closet tour soon I'm done with it..yey!) So coming to my outfit of the day! Besides off shoulder fever that I have been having for months, now I'm getting into wearing bustier outside...I like how I can get creative with tops over anything. And lately slip dresses over shirts are hitting the streets. Every blogger seem to test out the trend and I just became one of those slaves to that idea. Well thanks for dropping by and cheers!! xoxo

I dyed my hair to something darker than my usual taste. (smiles*)
What I'm wearing:
Cropped top bustier:* Local store
White Offshouler:* Sister's gift(bebe)
Fringed Pant:* Bkk store
Money can't buy happiness. Always be humble. Cheers!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

girly day out

Kuzu guys, It's wednesday and I got a new post like always! I have waited for my tassel heels to arrive and it finally did. Couldn't wait any much longer to blog on it. So here I go flaunting my new tassel heels from aliexpress. It's pretty good for the price I must say and totally thinking of getting tassel black from Zara (still waiting for it to restock though..sigh). I matched this red with baby pink plus white horizontally printed off shoulder dress (It has got that unique twist around its collar which I love the most about this dress) and my Gucci bag. I felt all the three colors pretty much makes up a good outfit combo for me, what do you think?  One particular thing about this off shoulder dress apart from its unique collar is it's very light and fits/sits well when worn, it has even got two reasonable sized pockets...! making the whole dress even more cute (and useful I guess hahaha...) and best part doesn't stick nor its boxy! So Nailed it! (wink*) This is it I guess, have a good day! Cheers!! xoxo
What I'm wearing:
Dress:* Bkk store
Tassel Heel*Aliexpress 

Be thankful everyday! Cheers!